In Houston it seems that if something happened more than five years ago, it’s ancient history. It doesn’t matter whether it’s gay history, music scene history, civil rights history or art history it all gets forgotten. In order to combat the Bayou City’s culture of amnesia I started this blog focusing on Houston’s forgotten history. This blog was created and is maintained by me,  Alex Wukman,  a Houston based poet, playwright, author and journalist. I’ve performed at dozens of venues throughout Houston as well as in New Orleans, New York, Dallas and Austin. I’ve made numerous appearances on television and radio programs and have been featured in multiple documentaries on the Houston art scene.

My writing has appeared in large and small magazines and newspapers throughout the Houston area including the Houston Chronicle, The Bayou Review, Salt, the Pasadena Citizen and The Conroe Courier. I’ve previously worked as a reporter for The Cleveland Advocate and currently serve as the Local Editor For Free Press Houston. I’m the author of Great Destinations: Galveston to South Padre a guidebook on the Texas Gulf Coast published by the W.W. Norton Company as well as three self published poetry collections.  I can be reached via e-mail at alexwukman[at]gmail[dot]com.


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